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When you speak or write, you have only one chance to make your meaning precise, powerful and immediate.

Words are our passion. Our service to you extends far beyond the capacity of modern computers to deal with the intricacies and subtleties of English.

Furthermore, we are flexible and can begin with you at whatever stage you choose to engage our assistance: 

  • gathering and ordering your ideas and responses, 
  • transforming your thoughts into a cohesive text, 
  • polishing your final composition,
  • obtaining typesetting services,
  • arranging printing and binding worthy of you and your document. 

Crafted Expression will work with you to write and or edit an appropriate and stylish: 

  • Family history – Capture and record a fluent narrative record of your family’s past as a gift to your family, a tribute to its contribution and achievements and a beacon for its future.
  • Memoir or Autobiography – Join the trend, memoir and autobiography are the most popular form of reading today as people everywhere go in search of their past. Place on record your own view of your period in history, your own life and experiences. Perhaps you have lived through momentous times and your story would make a fascinating social history. A well-crafted memoir will also allow your family to know and understand you better and connect with their roots.
  • Speech or Presentation – Eliminate the stage fright with a well-prepared speech that will allow you to present yourself as you want others to see you and deliver your message in an articulate and polished manner for maximum effectiveness.
  • Essay – You know exactly what the task requires, you have the ideas and information. You need someone to order, develop, express and refine your thoughts and, where necessary, meet the criteria for the task – come to us and we will help you acquit yourself with distinction.
  • Article – You may have a strong idea or opinion. Do you find it loses its power between your mind and the page? Let us help you write an article of which you will be proud.
  • Thesis – Perhaps you are coming to the conclusion of your long and arduous study. We will help you to submit a well-wrought, polished thesis that reflects your painstaking research and analysis – one you will be proud to see displayed on your university’s web site.
  • Letter of application – We’ll help you compose a letter of application that no employer can ignore – a powerful reponse to each selection criterion. 
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) – We understand that when you present your CV, you need to be confident that it gives proper emphasis to your relevant experience.

Confidentiality is integral to our speedy professional services.

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