Client Testimonials

Thank you ever so much for all your help in editing my book. Your wisdom during that phase was greatly respected and appreciated.

Helmut Glenk, author of “Sarona”

Thanks again Ian, for your help with our mother’s book. Everybody is very happy with the finished product and we could not have managed it without you.

Mary Herzog & Susan Abelesz, daughters of Aran Eckstein

I used the services of Crafted Expression in May 2004 to assist me in writing my wedding speech. I knew the message I wanted to transmit but wasn’t sure where to begin.

With the help of Ian’s superb written expression I had everyone entertained (and my parents in tears) with a very non-traditional, warm and touching speech … of course I took all the credit!

Nicole McKinnon

Starting to write my first story was a strange and somewhat unsettling experience. Kathy Grinblat’s expertise and professionalism transformed this into an exciting and satisfying process.

Her talents go well beyond literary and editing ability – her great sensitivity facilitated the translation from my thought processes to the written word.

Edmund Goldman, contributor, Children of the Shadows

Writing a story needs desire, courage, dedication, word skills and, most of all, inspiration.

Kathy and Ian Grinblat have all of these, and in sufficient proportions that they can share them with others.

With their encouragement, stories were written and published; stories that had been buried in memories and subconscious feelings, which, when expressed, made it possible to come to terms with the past and look forward to a brighter future.

Malka Burd, contributor, Children of the Shadows

While I was writing my contribution, “Behind the Wall of Silence”, Kathy’s attention to detail went beyond the literary.

I so valued her perceptive and sensitive responses when I struggled to find words; always encouraging me to keep searching for the appropriate expression, to keep exploring. She was more than my literary guide through the mine-field of emotions that were surfacing during my discovery of the writing process.

She was the midwife to my emerging, ever fragile self, as I finally captured my ‘double pain’, my parents’ and my own. I grew through the writing of that chapter.

I learnt to deal in new ways with my ‘old splits’, to find moments of repair in, and between, the words.

George Halasz, contributor, Children of the Shadows

When Kathy Grinblat received my contribution for her book, “Children of the Shadows”, she realised at once that it raised issues that I might not, on reflection, want published.

She allowed a decent period to elapse before working with me to refine and develop the piece and at all times asked me to think carefully about whether or not I wanted it read by a wide audience.

Her sensitivity, her empathy and her love of the language make her a fine editor and an exceptional counsellor.

Nathan Kotler, contributor, Children of the Shadows