Speech Writing

When you face an audience, you have only one chance to make your message precise, powerful and immediate.

Public speaking is a powerful tool for motivation, influence, persuasion, information or explanation. It is also a most effective means of acknowledging achievement, paying tribute and, on special occasions, expressing feelings.

It can be just telling a good story.

A well-crafted speech is a great aid in:

  • overcoming fear of public speaking

  • engaging your audience

  • making the meaning clear and significant

  • keeping to your time limit

  • being yourself

  • reducing hesitation

 All communications comprise five basic elements which can be expressed as “who is saying what to whom using what medium with what effects?”

Speech Writing

In a friendly and relaxed interview we can help you make clear in your own mind:

  • just how you want to portray yourself

  • what you want to say

  • to whom you are saying it, and

  • what effect you want to create

Let us help you with Wedding Speeches & Speeches for all Occasions