Edited Works

  • Our Mother, Our Nana, the diary of Aranka Eckstein (unpublished, 2004)

    Aranka Eckstein’s daughters engaged Ian Grinblat to edit the translation of her diary, written in German, during the period between her sixteenth birthday in February 1933 until her second marriage in February 1948. The work, intended only for the family, was not published. The diary is a valuable artefact from a brief dreamlike period in which […]

  • Sarona, by Helmut Glenk (2011)

    Helmut Glenk, the Australian-born son of German Templars deported as enemy aliens from Palestine to Australia, has made a thorough study of his Templar background and published two historical woks about Templar settlements in Palestine and Kenya. Drawing on the stories his parents told him of life in a Templar colony in present-day Tel Aviv, he imagined […]

  • Children of the Shadows, Voices of the Second Generation (2002)

    When an unexpected heated exchange erupted between colleagues in her presence, Kathy Grinblat realised that strong feelings and thoughts, hitherto unexpressed, had crystallised an idea in her mind. Curious to know about the upbringing of other “Second Generation” survivors she set about collecting stories from other children of Holocaust survivors. As her contributors submitted their […]