Children of the Shadows, Voices of the Second Generation (2002)

When an unexpected heated exchange erupted between colleagues in her presence, Kathy Grinblat realised that strong feelings and thoughts, hitherto unexpressed, had crystallised an idea in her mind.

Curious to know about the upbringing of other “Second Generation” survivors she set about collecting stories from other children of Holocaust survivors. As her contributors submitted their pieces she worked with them to elicit further detail, more precise meanings and to ensure that the writers intention was clearly transmitted. Some pieces began as mere scraps but with Kathy’s patient and sensitive probing, they grew in length and content. Ian Grinblat was a member of the editing team which was guided, supervised and led by Alex Skovron.

These are not the stories of victims although they do acknowledge pain – they are not the retelling of their parents’ experiences nor a presumptuous attempt to speak for their parents. They are personal reflections of “the child” and what it meant to grow up in a house touched by the shadows of the Holocaust. They are variously angry and loving, restrained and proud, humorous and tentative, lonely and courageous – they are as diverse as the voices telling them.