• Family History

    Family History

    Every family is unique and your gift to the future generations of your family is their history.

    Family History

  • Memoir, Bio and Auto-Bio

    Memoir, Biography & Autobiography

    There is no such thing as an ordinary life. Each life story is worthy of preserving.

    Memoir, Biography and Autobiography

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We can help you at any stage of your writing be it a Biography, Autobiography, Memoir, Family History or Ethical Will. We can edit your own writing. We can spend time talking with you to draw out your thoughts which may need ordering. We can work with you to refine your expression.

We can help with any form of life writing:

  • Biography
  • Autobiography
  • Memoir
  • Family History
  • Ethical Wills

Ethical Wills have been written since ancient times but are newly popular as people use modern media such as video to leave messages for their children and grandchildren. A fluent and coherent video or audio tape requires a thoughtful and well-crafted script.

We are flexible and can begin with you at whatever stage you choose to engage our assistance:

  • Gathering and ordering your thoughts
  • Transforming them into a cohesive text
  • Polishing of your final composition
  • Arranging suitable printing and binding